Assembly President OKs Party Spokesmen

Cambodia’s parliament officially has three spokesmen following the signing of two directives by National Assembly President Heng Samrin on Tuesday.

In an effort to “balance voices” within the legislative body, Mr. Samrin announced late last month that the Assembly’s secretary-general would serve as a neutral spokesman, while the ruling CPP and opposition CNRP would each appoint a lawmaker to speak on behalf of the party.

Since 2013, outspoken CPP lawmaker Chheang Vun has served as the sole National Assembly spokesman.

In a directive issued on Tuesday, Mr. Vun was appointed as the ruling party’s spokesman in the Assembly, while Yem Ponhearith, a senior CNRP lawmaker, was named the official opposition spokesman in parliament.

Mr. Samrin signed a second directive naming Leng Peng Long, the body’s secretary-general, as the spokesman for the institution.

Mr. Ponhearith said the new system would give each party a clear way to communicate its policy position to the public.

“The appointment of spokesmen for parties with seats at the National Assembly is very important because it will reflect the real position of lawmakers from each party,” he said.

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