Assembly Passes Audit Law

The National Assembly on Wednesday passed legislation aimed at conducting audits of all government budgets and business enterprises, despite a last minute walkout by a handful of opposition parliamentarians.

The audit law was adopted 82-9. It would create the National Auditing Authority, which would function independently of the government and ensure that government revenues are not lost in corrupt practices.

Opposition party president Sam Rainsy said fines should be tough when corruption and irregularities are discovered. But CPP parliamentarian Cheam Yeap countered that the law’s fines are sufficient.

At the close of the heated debate, National Assembly Pres­ident Prince Norodom Ran­a­riddh announced the assembly will go on a three-month recess until mid-April. Officials this week said the assembly could reconvene in a special session to address a draft law on how to try former Khmer Rouge leaders.

“If someone steals hundreds of thousands of dollars, only $1,000 is the fine,” Sam Rainsy said. “How could it offset the stolen money?”

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