Artist’s Graphic Novel Recounts His Trafficking Ordeal on Thai Fishing Boat

Cambodian artist publishes a well-received graphic novel about his years spent enslaved and forced to work on a Thai fishing boat.

Washington D.C. – A graphic novel detailing the personal experiences of a Cambodian human trafficking victim-turned artist was praised during its launch last week by activists and researchers, who said it was a unique, evocative work that would help American readers understand the need to end human trafficking.

Vannak Anan Prum, 41, a self-taught artist, drew the images for his memoir titled “The Dead Eye and The Deep Blue Sea.” It depicts his plight during a three-year and seven month-long period when he left his pregnant wife and was lured across the Cambodian border with a promise of a job and then trafficked on to a Thai fishing boat.

Once onboard, he and dozens of other poor men had little chance to escape and were forced to perform dangerous, heavy work, while being at constant risk of violent abuse from the captain and his crew.

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