Arrest Warrants Issued for Two RCAF Officers

A judge issued arrest warrants on Dec 9 for two RCAF officers accused of torturing a soldier from their battalion in Kratie province in August. The man died about one week later.

Ny Sok Rorn, 35, was dropped off a few hundred meters from his home in Snuol district on Aug 10 and repeated the phrases “handcuffed,” “scared” and “saw men in paramilitary uniforms” before his death on Aug 18, witnesses said.

RCAF officials offered various ex­planations for Ny Sok Rorn’s death, including a traffic accident and a drunken fall off a bridge, but his wounds indicated torture.

“I issued the arrest warrant Thursday of last week for the two accused Royal Cambodian Armed Force Officers, Son Heng and Kong Kouy,” said Kratie provincial court investigating Judge Kong Sokhom. Son Heng is Kong Kouy’s superior officer and brother-in-law.

Kong Sokhom said the warrant was given to both Kratie provincial and military police Friday.

“I am worried they do not dare to arrest them, because I have issued arrest warrants for RCAF soldiers before, and [authorities] did nothing,” Kong Sokhom said. “I think this time will be the same as past cases.”

Kratie provincial police Deputy Chief Choun Seang Hak said Tuesday he had not received the warrant. Kratie Military Police Deputy Commander Long Ying also said Tuesday that he had not re­ceived the warrant.

He said he would take action once it arrives, despite the danger in arresting armed men. He added that he follows the law and never idly holds arrest warrants.

Kong Sokhom said he had called witnesses, the victim’s family members and the suspects to clarify their positions in court a week ago, but none appeared.

“It is very difficult to work and carry out justice in remote areas when the case involves powerful people,” he said.


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