Armed Robbers Raid Takeo Jewelry Shops

Three armed robbers raided two jewelers at a market in Takeo province’s Tram Kak district on Saturday, according to local officials.

The robbers reportedly made off with about $45,000 of gold and platinum and $250 in cash after storming through the market around midday Saturday in facemasks and confronting the vendors, a married couple looking after two stalls during lunch.

One of the men then threatened the couple with a gun while the two others smashed the glass counters with a hammer before making off on motorbikes. Choek Khon, O’Saray commune police chief, said he believes the robbers had been planning the heist.

“Bad guys always observe the jewelers and when they became less careful they took action,” said Mr. Khon.

“They must have planned it. We haven’t identified any suspects but we are working to collect information from witnesses,” he said.

Last month, a jeweler was shot and robbed of about $130,000 cash in front of his house in Takeo province’s Donkeo City.

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