Apsara Authority Has Not Issued New Ban on Photos at Angkor

I deeply regret the article “Gov­ern­­ment Imposes New Rules for Photos in Angkor Park” (De­cem­ber 2). I believe I was misquoted.

The requirement for permission to take or shoot commercial photos or video was introduced long ago. This is not a new rule.

The Apsara Authority has never banned any journalists (national or international) from taking photos in Angkor park.

I explained that for journalists’ convenience, it is better if they could contact us in advance of entering the site because we have received some complaints from them that they were confronted by concerned organizations. So the solution is that my department will issue a media card for them to enter the site.

Our staff will never stop anyone from taking photographs, but they might ask if he or she obtained permission for using such a highly professional camera.

Long Kosal
Director of Communication
Apsara Authority

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