Apple to Officially Sell iPhones in Cambodia

Apple Inc. on Friday will officially launch the iPhone in Cambodia through its authorized reseller, iOne, giving customers—long used to gray market iPhones—access to Apple’s warranty.

“The sales launch will be July 18…. iOne, which has the monopoly right to import Apple’s products to Cambodia’s market has officially received authorization from Apple to import the iPhone by July 18,” states a news release.

But the only iPhone that will be available for sale at iOne will be Apple’s newest, the 5s, said Damaityma Kao, associate marketing manager at iOne.

“Apple just released the iPhone 5s to Cambodia, and we don’t know why,” she said.

The iPhone 5s was released in the U.S. in September 2013, and its most recognizable feature is fingerprint recognition scan.

Ms. Kao was unable to provide a price for the phone, but said it would be comparable to other stores in the region.

The iPhone 5s currently retails for about $700 in other regional countries, according to Apple’s website.

iPhones have long been available in Cambodia, but through a gray market with no warranty and inconsistent repair services.

Phone sellers on Thursday at Central Market were concerned about iOne’s plan to sell iPhones.

“If iOne sells at a lower price, there will be an impact on my store. We don’t have a warranty for customers buying iPhones from us,” said Noeu Pisey, 26, a seller at the Sothoeun phone shop.

Ms. Pisey sells the iPhone 5s for between $456 and $660.

At Hakse phone shop, where the iPhone 5s sells for between $650 and $670, its owner said she has a loyal customer base that trusts her service.

“I don’t know what to say now. Let them start their service first.”

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