Appeal Court Retains Lawmakers’ Phones

The Appeal Court late on Tuesday upheld a series of decisions not to return to opposition CNRP lawmakers most of the belongings that were seized from them after a violent opposition protest at Freedom Park on July 15.

According to Sam Sokong, a lawyer for the CNRP, Presiding Judge Seng Sivutha upheld decisions not to release confiscated items, including phones and an iPad, and ordered only that the Lexus SUV of opposition lawmaker Real Camerin be returned.

“[They] are needed for further investigation,” Mr. Sokong said Wednesday of Judge Sivutha’s reasoning.

Mr. Sokong said seven phones were confiscated among the four clients he is representing.

Seven CNRP lawmakers-elect were charged with leading an insurrection and incitement to commit a felony in the days following the protest in Phnom Penh, but were released from prison on July 22 before being sworn into the National Assembly days later.

Mr. Camerin was arrested in the early hours of the next morning while driving in Battambang province. Further appeals will now be filed to the Supreme Court this week, Mr. Sokong said.

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