APLE Maintains Stance in Rape Case Involving British Convict

In response to the article “Convicted Rapist Insists Retrial Will Prove His Innocence”, APLE would like to clarify some critical points in the case of David Fletcher.

In the article, a claim is made that APLE knew that Mr. Fletcher did not rape the victim. An additional claim is made that the victim and her mother have recanted their statement and said that APLE had promised them $5,000 in compensation if they would make the rape claim. APLE has never seen or received any evidence that changed its opinion about the girl’s victimization, nor has the victim ever recanted her statement to APLE.

The appeal hearing on Monday did not deal with the matter of fact in this case; instead, it dealt with the matter of law regarding whether Fletcher was given a fair opportunity to appeal in his case. As far as information available to APLE suggests, he has been given this opportunity.

Due to this, APLE would like to close the case so that the victim can emotionally heal and move on with her life. However, if evidence exists that Mr. Fletcher was not given a fair opportunity to appeal in his case, APLE fully supports that Mr. Fletcher would be granted a retrial.

As Tuesday’s hearing was focused on procedural matters, APLE’s lawyer, San Sony, declined to answer questions relating to the facts and evidence in the case against Mr. Fletcher. This is an agreement she made with the leading lawyer of the case.

Chea Nara, lead lawyer, APLE

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