Anonymous Cambodia Hackers Arrested

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Two members of the hacking group Anonymous Cambodia were arrested earlier this month on charges related to their online hacking activities, following an eight-month operation by local authorities and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a statement posted Tuesday on the National Police website.

Bun Khing Mongkul Panha, 21, who goes by the online name Black Cyber, and Chou Songheng, 21, who goes by Zoro, were arrested April 7 for hacking a number of government websites, including those of the National Election Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and the Anti-Corruption Unit, according to the statement.

The two men were arrested under articles 427, 428 and 429 of the Cambodian Criminal Code, which are unauthorized access to data; obstructing the functioning of an automated data system; and the fraudulent introduction, deletion or modification of data.

Cambodia currently has no cyber crime law.

The attacks on government websites were Distributed Denial of Service attacks, in which the sites were taken offline and data was stolen from them.,

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