Angkor Brewery Agrees to Strikers’ Demands

More than 200 striking workers at Cambodia’s largest brewer, Cambrew Ltd., resumed work on Saturday after the company agreed to lift their monthly salary from $120 to $150 as they had been demanding.

The workers at the company, which produces Angkor beer and Black Panther stout, had protested outside the brewery in Sihanoukville on Thursday and Friday saying that a $120 salary did not reflect either their qualifications or the hazardous conditions they work under.

Chheng Sopheak, the administrative manager at Cambrew and its representative during the strike, said that the company’s chief operations officer, Saysana Phoumasy, had returned from Laos on Thursday evening and organized a meeting to discuss the strikers’ demands.

“On Friday, we had a meeting at a classified site, with representatives of the company, unions, workers and officials from the provincial department of labor and vocational trading,” Mr. Sopheak said.

“We decided to agree to provide the salaries as requested.”

“Our manger agreed with the demands of the workers for the minimum wage because we don’t want to see the protests and strikes of the garment workers, who have affected their companies’ production and been violent,” Mr. Sopheap said. “Our company never had any protesting before.”

Tep Noeun, 38, an engineering supervisor who had joined the strike last week, declared Sunday that the industrial action had been a success.

“We think that if we did not join the protests and strike, the company would not offer this minimum wage as per our request, and would have had no intention to discuss this problem,” Mr. Noeun said.

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