And Also: Cops Sense Something’s Fishy

Police in Prey Veng province on Sunday investigated a 17-year-old girl’s claim that she gave birth to a snakehead fish at her home in Mesang district, determining that the river-dweller did not, in fact, come from the teenager’s womb.

Despite not being pregnant, Phy Savy says she gave birth to a healthy, 20-gram freshwater fish at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the house she shares with her husband in Svay Chrum commune, said district police chief Nov Hach, who decided to personally investigate the claim as rumors began to spread.

“She told me that when the fish was born, it opened its mouth to drink her breast milk,” Mr. Hach said. “But when I went there and asked her to feed the fish, it did not open its mouth.”

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