An explorer’s guide for a one-day tour of Phnom Penh

For Westerners, Cambodia is included by default on their must-visit list for touring Southeast Asia. This might not be the case among Asian travelers, who tend to visit more renowned and modern countries such as Japan and South Korea, or even Hong Kong – at least at the time of writing.

Over the past few years I’ve been traveling widely, I never thought about setting foot in Cambodia – let alone exploring it on my own. Now that I have visited the country, I can say with confidence that it is an experience I will always cherish.

Cambodia is truly one of a kind. The country seems to scream uniqueness in its every aspect, from its unusual currency system that combines US dollars and Cambodian riel, to prehistoric temples standing in the middle of the French-influenced metropolis of Phnom Penh, and to the amusing sound of its language. Experiencing this was a little overwhelming at first, even for an Asian guy like me.

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