Alleged High School Bully Gunned Down by General

A one-star RCAF general shot and killed a 19-year-old high school student on Wednesday night allegedly in a bid to protect his son from the victim, police officials said on Thursday.

Wat Koh Highschool student Chea Samnang was shot once in the back of the head by General Heng Chamroeun, a deputy cabinet chief at the Ministry of De­fense, said Dangkao district Dep­uty Police Chief Chup Sokheng.

The shooting occurred after the general’s son, Heng Sovath, 19, allegedly had a fight with the victim. Both were 10th grade classmates at Wat Koh, Chup Sokheng said.

“I expect the case to be sent to the court tomorrow,” said Ngeth Sarath, Municipal Court deputy prosecutor, on Friday.

Ngeth Sarath, who was summoned to the site of the shooting, said the general could be charged with murder.

A Military Police officer who asked not to be named said the general claims the victim be­longed to a “Big Brother” gang at the high school, and had a history of bullying and hitting his son.

The general claimed he shot Chea Samnang after he allegedly chased his son into their house.

“He forced his way into my villa in Kakap commune in Dangkao district and hit my son again. It made me mad, and I couldn’t just stand there. I pulled my gun and shot two times to stop him, but accidentally one bullet hit his head,” Heng Chamroeun said in his official statement, according to the Military Police officer.

The general was taken into Military Police custody 20 minutes after the killing. He has not yet been charged, the Military Police officer said.


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