AKP Staffers Want Sale Shares

Staff members at Agence Khmere de Presse are threatening to demonstrate if they do not receive $200 each from the sale of Ministry of Information land.

Staff members, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said last week they agreed to the sale of land next to their office on the ministry’s compound off Moni­vong Boulevard. Members of the state-run news agency say the ministry has sold previous par­cels, but that they never re­ceived any of the proceeds.

This time, they all agreed to the sale by affixing their thumbprints to documents, providing they re­ceive their fair share.

Staff members said they have taken care of the land for years. Two top ministry officials said they knew nothing of the sale.

AKP members had threatened to protest on Saturday, but were talked out of it by an official from the po­tential buyer, the Tai Seng company.

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