Airport Gets Certification

The Phnom Penh International Airport has become the seventh Cam­bodian company to be awarded the International Stan­dards Organization’s 9001:2000 certification.

The endorsement was provided by BM Trada and an ISO team based in the Philippines after close inspection of the airport’s two main operational divisions, cargo and ground handling, said Josephine Chastenet, Cambodia Airport Management Service quality assurance manager. “Re­ceiving the ISO means that we are professional and [offer] a high quality of service,” she said.

However, Chastenet said, the ISO team will follow up every six months for the next nine years. “If they find we are not doing good, they will ask us to correct it. If we do not do so, we will lose our certificate,” Chastenet said.

Cabinet Chief for Civil Aviation Him Sarun confirmed the importance of the ISO rating.

“If your company has the ISO certificate, it means that the market trusts your company’s services. [Now] if any airlines have a crash or if any airplanes get lost, the airport will be able to help. It means that the airport has all types of equipment and skillful services. And if there is a weapon passing through the airport, there is an X-ray machine to check it out.”

The airport joins Cambodia’s other ISO-endorsed companies: Tiger Beer, Caltex Cambodia Ltd, PTT Cambodia, Cambodia Trust, Cambodia Air Catering and Tela Cambodia.

Meanwhile, a set of 18 compu­ters and scanners has been up and running since mid-May at the immigration desk in the airport’s arrivals section, said Chhay Bun­na, chief of Airport Immi­gration Police.

“The officials use these computers to type in the name, passport number and some information about each passenger,” Chhay Bunna said. But “the officials are still working very slowly, as they have only trained for a short time.”

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