After Protest, Dream Land Agrees to Severance

Former employees of the recently closed Dream Land amusement park in Phnom Penh agreed to severance packages of between $85 and $200 on Tuesday, company officials said.

The employees protested outside the Daun Penh district amusement park on Monday, claiming it closed a month ahead of schedule and demanding one month’s salary and a portion of their annual bonus as severance. Dream Land, which officially shut down on February 29, sits on land slated for a $3-billion, 133-story twin-tower development.

Heng Chhorvarn, chief administrator at Dream Land, who represented the park in negotiations with the employees on Tuesday, said the company had agreed to pay the workers, and that the amount paid out to each would vary based on tenure.

“The company has settled bonus compensation: Those who have worked six months to one year will get $85, one to two years get $125, three years get $150, four years get $170, and five years get $200,” he said.

A total of 99 workers—including cashiers, custodians and supervisors—are eligible for the severance, which will be paid out on Monday, according to Mr. Chhorvarn.

“The company has complied with the Labor Law by providing bonuses to staff,” he said, claiming employees were informed in September that Dream Land would close at the end of February. The workers say they were told it would close in March.

Chin Puthponreay, a former park supervisor who represented the employees in Tuesday’s negotiations, said he was pleased with the outcome of the meeting. “I am happy that the company has agreed to provide us with compensation,” he said.

Mr. Chhorvarn said Dream Land was owned by local businessman Chim Khun Nat, who was looking to rebuild the amusement park elsewhere in the city.

The twin skyscrapers planned for the 5-hectare site currently occupied by Dream Land, across from the NagaWorld casino, is a project of the Thai Boon Roong Group. If built, the mixed-use commercial towers would rank among the tallest in the world.

Thai Boon Roong operates the InterContinental Hotel in Phnom Penh and is owned by reclusive tycoon Teng Bunma.

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