After More Shootings, Government Berates Thailand

Following reports that three Cambodians were shot dead earlier this month by Thai soldiers after illegally crossing the border to find valuable timber, Cambodia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry sent an irate letter to the Thai Em­bassy on Friday.

The letter notes that Thailand agreed during a January visit to Cambodia by Thai Foreign Minister Tanasak Patima­pagorn to “react with most self-restrained in using weapons against illegal loggers.”

The letter, written in English, laments that Thailand has failed to stay true to its word. “Since many years already, in spite of Cambodia’s protests and demands, Thai soldiers continue again and again to imperturbably and mercilessly kill innocent Cam­bodians,” it says.

“These barbarian acts flagrantly violated not only agreements between the two governments, but the most elementary laws of any civilized country and the international law on human rights,” the letter continues.

According to Cambodia’s national police, the three men killed by Thai soldiers on February 5 were Ket Yet, 34; Keu Rina, 28; and a 33-year-old man identified only as Tha.

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