After Investigation, Canadia Says Fake Notes ‘Impossible’

Canadia Bank on Friday completed an investigation into allegations that an employee dispensed two fake $100 notes earlier in the week, concluding through CCTV footage that such an event was “impossible.”

Video footage of the transaction in question—the cashing of a $285 check by a Cambodia Daily employee on Monday—shows a teller removing cash from a drawer, inspecting it, and counting it three times before clipping it together and passing it to a colleague.

The colleague then completes the necessary paperwork for the transaction, stamps the check, counts the wad once more and hands it over to the customer, who fans the cash and checks it briefly before putting it in his pocket and leaving the bank’s Independence Monument branch.

At no time is the cash completely obscured from view.

“It is impossible that the bank gave out fake notes through those two senior employees,” said Michael Lor, Canadia Bank CEO.

“One is a customer service supervisor, one is a senior teller and they have both thoroughly checked the cash before it is handed over to the customer,” he said.

Mr. Lor also said that the chances of fake notes making their way into the bank’s vault were “very, very low.”

“Every note that goes into the vault is seen by three sets of eyes: the teller, the supervisor and the vault officer,” he said.

The customer who claimed to have received the fake notes from the bank, Eam Sopheap, a human resources manager at The Cambodia Daily, said on Thursday that the fraudulent tender was brought to his attention when a travel agency rejected it that day.

The travel agency confirmed his account.

When asked by a reporter on Thursday when he had taken the money out, Mr. Sopheap said one hour before.

While the reporter was enquiring as to when Mr. Sopheap had taken the money out of the bank, Mr. Sopheap was answering for when he had taken it out of his locked desk drawer.

Mr. Sopheap said on Friday that the money had been stored in his desk from Monday afternoon until he went to the travel agent on Thursday.

Questioned about the findings of Canadia Bank’s investigation, Mr. Sopheap said he was no longer certain that the fake money came from the bank.

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