Africans Making Fake Passports to Be Deported

Nine African men detained by immigration police earlier this week for making fake visas and passports will be deported, according to Uk Heisela, chief of investigation at the Interior Ministry’s immigration department.

“We will deport them out of Cambodia because they have broken Cambodian immigration laws by making fake passports in Cambodia,” Mr. Heisela said.

After being alerted by local authorities in Meanchey district’s Boeng Tompun commune, immigration police rounded up the nine men, nationals from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea, on Tuesday night.

“After we questioned these foreigners we found that their visas are invalid, too,” said Mr. Heisela, adding the group was also selling invalid documents to other foreigners.

Mr. Heisela added that the nine men will be expected to pay for their own flights, and if they cannot do so, authorities will contact their respective embassies for help.

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