Adventist Students Help Cambodian Children Access Better Education

They came from Perth, Western Australia to support displaced families.

A dragonfly hangs suspended in the thick, warm air, and a bright orange butterfly dances above pink frangipani. Bunches of bananas hang from the rafters, and empty green coconuts, cut into cups, cover the earthen floor. A refreshing breeze carries the sounds of hammers, saws, and drills that mingles with the laughter of teenagers and the mellow strum of a guitar.

This is Phnom Dombang, a village in Pailin province in western Cambodia. Located 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the Thai border, this area is occupied by displaced Cambodian families returning from work in Thailand. They have with no land, only temporary homes, and little hope for the future. It is there that 33 tenth-grade students, five staff, and six volunteers from Carmel Adventist College and Landsdale Christian School in Perth, Western Australia, came to build a window to the stars.

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