Adhoc Concerned by Deaths Related to Domestic Violence

At least 11 people were murdered during domestic disputes or committed suicide after suffering domestic violence in the past two months, local rights group Adhoc said in a statement Monday.

Only two perpetrators were charged in these crimes, Adhoc said, highlighting the lack of law enforcement.

“Adhoc is deeply concerned about the increased rates of death and suicide as a result of domestic violence within families, especially with regard to serious cases of violence that have occurred during the last two months,” it said.

“This situation also highlights the failure of the state in respect to safeguarding social welfare, human rights, and women and children’s rights,” the statement continues.

In 2013, a perpetrator was arrested in only around a quarter of reported domestic violence cases. “In most cases, mediation by local authorities was undertaken,” Adhoc said.

The organization lists six recommendations for the government on how to better tackle domestic violence, including early intervention by authorities, establishing hotline and counseling services for victims, and punishing perpetrators instead of attempting to mediate between them and their victims.

“The Royal Government [should] strictly punish and discipline any officials that fail to fulfill their obligation to society by allowing domestic violence to become worse, which often results in death or suicide, due to failure to address and investigate these incidents,” Adhoc said.

In one of the most recent cases reported by Adhoc, a 34-year-old woman from Preah Vihear province drowned her stepson in a pond, allegedly to get revenge on her violent husband, who physically abused her on a daily basis.

In another case, an employee of NagaWorld Casino strangled his wife after a domestic dispute and hung himself, leaving the couple’s daughter and two sons orphaned.

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