ADB to Arrange Meeting About Railway Concerns

A senior Asian Development Bank (ADB) official promised Monday to organize a meeting between the government and families affected by an ADB-funded railway rehabilitation project in Phnom Penh’s Toul Kok district.

Ny Sandos said that following a 100-strong protest outside the ADB’s office Monday morning, she and three other representatives of the families met with ADB country director Eric Sidgwick.

“We requested that the ADB make arrangements for a meeting with the Ministry of Public Works…and [Mr. Sidgwick] promised he would schedule one,” Ms. Sandos said, adding they also discussed compensation for the affected families.

Mr. Sidgwick confirmed in an email the meeting took place, but denied the issue of compensation was discussed.

“[W]e explained the scope of the GMS: Rehabilitation of the Railway in Cambodia Project. The project only requires a corridor of impact (3.5 meters from the center line in Phnom Penh),” he said.

“The issues raised by the representatives were outside the scope of the project and they requested that we facilitate a discussion with the Government. We agreed to bring their questions to the government. Compensation issue was not raised.”

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