Activist Reveals 37 Purported Crime Scenes From Case 004

A human rights activist Monday released a list of execution sites, security centers and other criminal situations she claimed were associated with the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s Case 004.

Although the crime scenes have not been confirmed by the court, they are consistent with what is known about the case, in which three mid-level Khmer Rouge commanders are accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Theary Seng, president of the As­sociation of Khmer Rouge Vic­tims in Cambodia, released the information as part of a campaign to encourage victims to apply as civil parties in the court’s politically unpopular cases 003 and 004.

Over the past few months, victims have been stymied by the lack of public information on the cases is­­­sued by the court’s investigators, which has made it difficult or im­possible to file civil party applications.

“FILE NOW! Fight the ‘Crimes of Idiocy’ of political interference, im­­­pu­­nity, and UN complicity with our collective, strong voices as victims and civil party applicants,” Ms Seng wrote in a news release Monday.

Just a handful of the 37 sites named by Ms Seng appear to overlap with known crime scenes in Case 002, which will go to trial on Monday. The majority would be unique to Case 004, including the Wat Po Laingka security center and La-Ang Phnom Kuoy Yum execution site in the Northwest Zone of Democratic Kampuchea, and the Anglong Chrey Dam forced labor site in the Central Zone.

Most of the sites named by Ms Seng were located in those two zones, where the three suspects in Case 004—Yim Tith, Leang An and Im Chaem—were local leaders. Together, Ta Tith and Ta An are alleged to have controlled a network of at least 25 security centers that killed over 100,000 people.

Court spokeswoman Yuko Maeda said Ms Seng’s statement was “regrettable” in that it purported to identify suspects.

“Case 004 is still under investigation by the co-investigating judges, and it should remain confidential by law,” she said. “But at the same time, anyone who wishes to apply as civil parties, the court will process their applications.”


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