Acid-Soaked Mistress May Die

The condition of an 18-year-old karaoke singer allegedly drench­ed in acid by a prominent official’s jealous wife and her bodyguards is deteriorating, and doctors say she may die.

Tang Samarina—who authorities say was the girlfriend of Svay Sitha, undersecretary of state at the Council of Ministers and an adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen—is in serious condition at Kosamak Hospital following an alleged attack last Monday by Svay Sitha’s wife.

Citing eyewitness accounts, authorities said Svay Sitha’s wife and bodyguards dumped nitric acid on the karaoke singer at 3 pm on Monday. She escaped with two bodyguards and has not been apprehended.

Doctors say gangrene has set in on 50 per­cent of Tang Sam­arina’s body, caus­ing her flesh to “decompose.”

She is getting “worse and worse,” said a doctor at Kos­amak Hospital who asked not to be named. “Her ears, face, neck and chest have serious gangrene. She cannot be recognized.”

Lok Lon, the district police chief, said he has received no a­r­rest warrants from municipal pros­ecutors. Chin Chiva, the prosecutor handling the case, could not be reached for comment. Svay Sitha also couldn’t be reached for comment.

The attack sparked a flurry of reports in local newspapers and radio warning women not to behave violently to one another.

There have also been reports in local and international media alike that a relationship between Hun Sen and Piseth Piklica led to her death. She was gunned down in a market in July.


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