Accused Drug Dealers Summoned, Questioned

A Cambodian man and two Ni­gerian men charged last month for drug trafficking were called back to Phnom Penh Municipal Court Thursday for questioning after police picked up a shipment of Ecstasy pills addressed to one of them.

On July 20, police arrested Kim Vanna and brothers Peter and Jo­seph Brown, and accused them of attempting to bring 5,000 high-grade Ecstasy pills into the country. Investigating Judge Kim So­phorn said postal officials cal­led him Wednesday to say that three packages from Amsterdam had arrived for Kim Vanna.

Kim Sophorn said he called pe­nal police, who went to the post of­fice and inspected the three packages. They found about 4,500 pills packed among toys, according to Meak Dara, chief of the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug police.

The return address was the same as one found on a package in the Brown brothers’ residence at the time of their arrest, Kim Sophorn said.

Following the closed-door questioning, Kim Sophorn said Peter Brown threatened to sue the anti-drug police for arresting him without evidence.The suspects brushed off re­porters questions at the court house. Peter Brown only complained about prison food. “If you want to interview me, please bring the bread, milk and canned fish,” he said.

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