Accountant Loses $19,000 in RCAF Salaries

Armed men robbed an accountant Monday of roughly $19,000 that was slated for RCAF general staff salaries, an official said Tuesday.

The money, in riel, was taken about 8 pm Monday after eight unidentified men in civilian clothes stopped the accountant’s car behind the Royal Palace, said Rous Sna, secretary to RCAF Deputy Chief of General Staff Meas Sophea.

The armed men were driving a car and three motorcycles, he said.

The money had been withdrawn from the RCAF headquarters at the Ministry of Defense to store in a warehouse nearby, Rous Sna said. But the warehouse was locked, so the accountant put the cash in his car, and planned to keep it at his home in Takhmau, the secretary said.

The money was reserved for the June salaries of RCAF general staff employees. Rous Sna said the accountant was careless and would be asked to repay the money.

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