A School Discovered Bombs in Its Backyard: What to Know About the Deadly Legacy of Decades-Old, Unexploded Weapons in Cambodia

While trying to expand its garden last Friday, a high school in northeastern Cambodia was forced to temporarily close after an unexpected discovery on its grounds: thousands of unexploded weapons.

Over the next three days, deminers found over 2,000 devices buried in the soil at the Queen Kosomak High School, which more than 1,000 students attend. “It is a huge stroke of luck for the students. These explosive devices are easy to explode if someone dug into the ground and hit them,” Heng Ratana, director general of the Cambodian Mine Action Centre, told AFP on Sunday.

Lessons will be held online until it is safe for classes to resume, the Queen Kosomak High School management announced in a Facebook post on Monday.

In full: https://time.com/6304901/cambodia-land-mine-found-school/

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