A mother’s true grit saves son from syndicate in Cambodia

Nor Azlinda Azman hounded the police, sought help from politicians and held press conferences to highlight her son’s plight.

Nor Aiman Suhaimi, 22, can expect an extra helping of his mother’s ketupat and “serunding” this Hari Raya after going through a harrowing ordeal last year when he was held captive by a syndicate in Cambodia.

It was his mother’s determination that saw Aiman saved from unspeakable horrors – syndicates in Cambodia have been known to torture, beat and force their captives to eat rats.

After finding out that her son was being held captive, Nor Azlinda Azman refused to give up and continued to badger anyone she could find to help rescue him.

In full: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2023/04/22/a-mothers-true-grit-saves-son-from-syndicate-in-cambodia/

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