9,000 Election Workers Return to Regular Jobs Work

More than 9,000 government election workers at the provincial and commune level will return to their regular jobs after nearly two months of election-related work, National Election Committee spokesman Leng Sochea said on Monday.

An estimated 8,110 commune election committee officials and more than 1,000 provincial election committee officials either will leave office by the end of Sept­ember or have already stopped working, Leng Sochea said.

The top five NEC members, however, will remain in office until the next NEC members are selected by the Ministry of Interior before the scheduled 2008 elections, Leng Sochea said.

The top 192 provincial committee officials will also come to Phnom Penh to report on their work in the provinces, Leng Sochea said. The reports, to be delivered at a seminar, “aim to find the weak and the strong points of the NEC during the electoral process,” Leng Sochea said.

The Ministry of Interior’s Cen­tral Security Bureau also ter­mi­nated its mission this week after the NEC announced the formal election results Saturday, Leng Sochea said.

The Central Security Bureau was responsible for security matters during the election and was composed of 18 members from the army, navy, air force and other military branches.

Human rights and election mon­itoring groups have reported at least 200 cases of election-related violence,and 10 killings during the campaign period that may have been related to politics or the election.

“We had anticipated that there would be some violent actions during the election campaign and during the election, but nothing has happened.”

“We will draw on good experiences and the lessons learned and form a document for the next NEC, so they can improve the next electoral process,” he said.


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