8 Charged in Pursat Karaoke Club Killings

Pursat provincial court officials on Tuesday charged eight men with robbery and murder in the deaths of two women and two girls earlier this year in a karaoke parlor, police said Monday.

The eight men are all charged in connection with the March 15 slayings of Choung Yern, 68, Kun Sinoun, 40, Korn Sreymom, 16, and Korn Samreoun, 13, in the Sampou Meas district karaoke parlor where they worked.

Vuth Pout, 22, Dok Ouksapea, 19, and Kong Kim, 22, all of Kan­dieng district; Kun Vanny, 18, Chhoum Vasna, 21, Noun Cham­reoun, 19, and Chhon Lyda, 18, of Sampou Meas district, have been in police custody since March 16, Sampou Meas district Police Chief Salen Song said.

Eat Sopheap, 23, of Phnom Kravanh district, is still at large and was charged in absentia, Salen Song said.

The eight men allegedly en­tered the karaoke parlor, telling the staff they wanted to sing, and waited until the parlor was empty. Around 10 pm, they attacked, Salen Song said.

The men, who knew their victims before the attack, killed parlor owner Kun Sinoun first, Salen Song said. They demanded her key to the cash register, then shot her point blank in the head with a K-59 pistol.

They then moved on to the other victims, stabbing them to death, police said.

Only Keo Kvar, 25, the nephew of Kun Sinoun, survived the attack, Salen Song said. He passed out as the robbers stabbed him and choked him with a chain, Salen Song said.

Keo Kvar, left for dead, was able to describe his attackers be­cause he knew them from before, Salen Song said.

In all, the robbers stole $210 in cash and some jewelry, Salen Song said.


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