6 Years After Deadly Crackdown, Victims’ Families Say No Hope For Justice

Friday six years ago, thousands of garment workers went — like they had for weeks — onto the streets in Phnom Penh to protest for higher wages. At the end of the day, four of them were dead. One remains missing.

The workers met a violent crackdown in front of Canadia Industrial Park along Veng Sreng Street by special forces who fired bullets into the crowds on January 3, 2014.

“Every day, my daughter asks ‘Mom why don’t we have a daddy? Mom, why do I not have a papa like the others,’” the wife of victim Sam Ravy, Chheav Phanith, under tears told attendants of an anniversary event.

In full: https://vodenglish.news/6-years-after-deadly-crackdown-victims-families-say-no-hope-for-justice/

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