4 Face Trial for Involvement in Deadly Fight

Four men go on trial today for their alleged involvement in a fight nearly a year ago that resulted in the death of a bystander.

Jeun Sokha, 26, was killed by grenade shrapnel on March 14, 2001, at the Peace Cafe, which she owned with her husband.

Police said Hin Bor and Ham Savet, both military drivers, were drinking at a karaoke parlour next door to the cafe when they began arguing with a group of youths.

Hin Bor and Ham Savet al­legedly followed the youths outside. Hearing the fight, Jeun Sokha closed the cafe’s doors. But when Hin Bor allegedly hurled a grenade at the youths, a tiny piece of shrapnel shot through the door, piercing Jeun Sokha’s heart.

Hin Bor faces voluntary man­slaughter and illegal weapons charges. Two of the youths, Ma Sokheng and Sov Somal, also will stand trial today.

Jeun Sokha’s husband, English­man David Finch, said Monday he hopes the case will show the consequences of illegal weapons use.

“If you use [weapons] on the street, you have to pay the price,” Finch said. “Prey Sar [prison] is hell. You don’t survive that.

“I’d like to look [Hin Bor] in the eye and ask him if it was worth it. Not only is her life over, now his is, too.”


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