4 Accused of Planting Bombs at Terminal

Military police in Koh Kong province have arrested four men suspected of planting timer-rigged B-40 rockets at a ferry terminal in Botum Sakor district’s Andung Teuk commune.

Sot Chhan, 30, of Andung Teuk village; Vorn Voeuth, 28, of Andung Teuk; Pich Sun, 33, of Kompong Speu province’s Oral district; and Mol Nop, 32, of Battambang province’s Samlot district, were arrested over the weekend, said military police Commander Thong Narong.

He said the men were arrested separately at different locations in the province and without warrants.

Thong Narong said the men confessed to planting the bombs but said they were promised money by a mastermind for their efforts. He said he did not know the amount, whether it had been paid or the alleged mastermind’s identity. All of the suspects are jobless except for Sot Chhan, who is farm­er, he added.

“Now we are looking to arrest another eight [suspects] who are hiding. We want to crack down and arrest these people to stop their terrorist activity,” Thong Narong said.

Ny Chakrya of the rights group Adhoc said his team was still investigating the case and would not make conclusions .

“Like the case of [slain union leader] Chea Vichea, one group says ‘yes’ and one group says ‘no,’ and then the story changes. It’s hard to say right now,” he said.

The first bomb was discovered after midnight April 11. It exploded at about 6:30 am, destroying a police post and leaving three with minor injuries. Police had ne­glected to disarm it. A second bomb was cast into a river, where it exploded harmlessly.


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