3 Nabbed on Drug Charges

Two men and one woman were arrested in Phnom Penh this month in possession of more than 1 kg of opium, drug police said Monday.

Anti-drug police commissioner Ouk Vanna first reported the news to the Khmer-language daily newspaper Evening News on Thursday.

Police made the arrests in separate sting operations while the group was selling the drugs in Tuol Kok district, the Evening News reported. The suspects’ names were not given. All are Cambodians.

One was arrested with 660 grams of opium on Dec 8. The police also seized 330 grams from one man and the woman when they tried to sell it to undercover police for $6,000 on Wednesday, the paper said.

An additional 390 grams was found in a soda can and in the shoes of the two suspects, Ouk Vanna told the paper.

The suspects are being held in T3 prison. This is the first drug bust since drug police chief Heng Peo was suspended amid allegations that he ordered the slaying of a local newspaper publisher.



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