3 Arrested, Taiwanese Man Sought in Shooting

Police have arrested two paratroopers and a military policeman and are seeking an arrest warrant for a Taiwanese businessmen whom they say organized the shooting of a Phnom Penh nightclub manager and his two bodyguards.

On Sunday authorities arrested Khan Khem, 30, and on Monday arrested On Sara, 29, and Military Police officer Kong Mon, 30. A warrant is sought for Tai­wanese businessman Lee Hanshin, 38, Municipal Military Deputy Police Chief Sim Hong said.

Khan Khem and On Sara, both paratroopers in RCAF Para­chute Unit 911, have confessed to the Nov 5 shootings of Sing­aporean businessman William Tay, 48, and his bodyguards, Bou Sarith, 28, and Heng Samadi, 35.

All three were ambushed outside the Holiday International Hotel, which is attached to the Manhattan Club, a popular disco managed by Tay, Sim Hong said. Each suspect said Lee promised them $10,000, using Kong Mon as a broker, to kill Tay, the deputy chief said.

As they left the hotel lobby early Nov 1, Khan Khem leapt from the bushes, wielding a sawed-off shotgun and a handgun. Bou Sarith and Heng Sa­madi pushed Tay out of the way, but Khan Khem wounded all three. He shot Tay once in the left shoulder, Heng Samadi once in the lower leg, and Bou Sarith three times in the torso, Sim Hong said. Khan Khem then jumped onto a moto On Sara was driving, and the two sped off, Sim Hong said. Both men had been staking out the club for more than four hours that morning, police said at the time.

After the shooting, the men confessed that they dumped the guns in the Tonle Sap river, Sim Hong said. They then drove back out to their base, where police arrested them. Police immediately suspected that the shooting might have been a murder-for-hire plot, but would not say why they suspect Lee Hanshin of organizing the shooting.


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