241-Kg US War-Era Bomb Found in Kandal Province

Police and deminers in Kandal province on Wednesday removed from a riverbank a 241-kg Mark 82 bomb, of the kind the U.S. dropped on Cambodia in the heavy bombing that took place during its war against neighboring Vietnam.

Men Navin, director of weapons explosives control for the provincial police, said the nearly 1.5-meter-long bomb was spotted by farmers on Sunday after part of a riverbank in Loeuk Dek district fell away and exposed the device.

“It is the kind of weapon that was dropped from a plane and it is from the Lon Nol war,” he said.

Thoung Khean, an explosive ordnance disposal supervisor for the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation, which assisted in the removal, said his NGO would dismantle the device and reuse it.

“It will be cut up to get the ammunition in order to make new devices to use to destroy other explosive weapons,” he said.


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