2,000-Riel Note Issued by National Bank

By Kay Kimsong

The Cambodia daily

A new 2,000-riel bank note entered circulation Monday to refresh currency supplies and simplify cash payments, the National Bank of Cambodia said.

Roughly equivalent to half a US dollar, the new 14.6-by-6.8-cm note depicts an image of the Preah Vihear temple on one side and a woman harvesting rice on the other.

National Bank of Cambodia Deputy Governor Neav Chanthana said the notes replace an equal value of tattered 1,000-riel notes that have been taken out of circulation and destroyed.

“The new note is to replace the older notes,” she said. “Some notes have decayed and we have re­placed them.”

The 2,000-riel denomination also re­quires that only half as many bills be printed as are removed from circulation, thereby creating a savings in paper, she added.

Ly Hour, owner of the currency trading company Ly Hour Ex­change, said Monday that members of the public had come to her shop hoping to see the new note.

“I think the public appears interested in seeing the new note because it is easier in paying for or buying goods,” Ly Hour said, adding that the 50-riel note, equal to just over $0.01 at current exchange rates, was of little use.

“If you want to buy a few chilies, it costs about 200 riel,” she added.

NBC spokesman Sum Saniseth said the 50-riel notes helped when purchasing liters of gasoline, the price of which often varies by fractional amounts of riel.

The images on the new 2,000-riel note were chosen to celebrate two of the country’s leading industries, Sum Saniseth added.

“The new note is designed to show two growth sectors in the Cambodian economy: agriculture and tourism,” he said.

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