2 Arrested in Funcinpec Attack

Police arrested two men Friday and accused them of hurling a grenade over the wall of Funcin­pec headquarters on Aug 8, and also for causing a July 5 ex­plosion at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moung Khim, deputy municipal police chief, said Keo Tak and Cheng Sophal are suspected in both blasts, and are suspected of belonging to the US-based Cam­bo­dian Freedom Fighters.

The CFF claimed credit for a re­volt in Phnom Penh last No­vem­ber in which as many as eight people died. The government last week arrested 11 al­leged CFF members on suspicion of planning another rebellion. But CFF President Chhun Yasith said in a telephone interview from the US state of Cal­i­fornia that officials are falsely accusing his organization. “They are like the monkey who steals the rice, and looks for someone to blame,” he said.

Two employees were wounded in the Funcinpec blast. No one was injured in the min­istry explosion, which came a day after two large ex­plosions at Monivong Boul­evard hotels that police later linked to extortion attempts.

Two Funcinpec employees were wounded in the Aug 8 blast,  which occurred about 10:45 pm.


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