120 Workers Dismissed at City Factory

About 120 workers from Top Clothes garment manufacturing were fired Monday after they demanded a $27 annual bonus, workers said.

The workers acknowledge they were given a warning to come into the factory to work, but said the principle was more important.

“Before I started working there, the garment representative promised to give me the $27 bonus…now I do not get one dollar of bonus,” said 19-year-old Sam Neang. Some workers said they received $2 to $7 each.

“They scoffed at us and considered us animals,” said another worker, Sam Sokhun.

After they were discharged, the workers went to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to protest.

Sa Vuth, chief of the dispute office of the ministry’s labor inspection department, said he interviewed five representatives and has ordered his officials to talk to factory management.


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