Cambodians Willing to Accept Wedding Party Inconvenience

In reference to the article “Rules for Street Weddings Do Exist—For Some” (January 16-17), the cabinet of Samdech Kralahorm Sar Kheng, deputy prime minister and minister of interior, would like to highlight the following.

First, traffic around Samdech Kralahorm Sar Kheng’s residence has been flowing as usual. Due to the ongoing event of the wedding, additional traffic police officers have been deployed to the residence’s surroundings in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic as well as security for honored guests attending the wedding ceremony.

Second, prior to the wedding ceremony, local authorities had authorized—and residents around the area also expressed their understanding—for any potential inconveniences the event may cause. They fully understand the request, as this is a common practice in Cambodian society when it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding ceremony.

Finally, unlike others, Cambodian people highly value wedding ceremonies. Not only would they congratulate the event, but they would also offer help and assistance where they could to ensure that the ceremony is celebrated with honor and joy—except those who want Cambodia to become the next Syria.

The willingness and acceptance of wedding practices have been ingrained in Cambodian culture and tradition for as long as one can remember and all Cambodians can afford to ignore the small inconveniences a ceremony may or may not cause.

Lieutenant General Por Phak

Deputy Chief of Cabinet

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