Young Cambodian Dropout Finds Success in Arts

Sievphin Chong, 24, chose an unconventional career path for a Cambodian. After growing up in the remote northeastern provinces of Steung Treng and Ratanakiri, Sievphin moved to Phnom Penh to study design at university. But that was not to be once Sievphin found his passion and an outlet for his creativity — making short, funny videos for social media. In 2013, Sievphin dropped out of school and embraced filmmaking and music. Today, Sievphin uses his art —funny videos, film, performance and music — to inspire others in Cambodia to adopt a creative and independent mindset. In April, during his trip to Washington with the US State Department’s leadership program, Sievphin shared with VOA the lessons he’s learned since choosing the life of an independent artist.


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