Why the next big artist could be discovered in a Cambodia Town hallway

Cam Town Art Gallery opens in Long Beach's Cambodia Town on Feb. 8

Sayon Syprasoeuth knows very well about the transformative and healing power of art, regardless of your surroundings.

He learned this lesson as a boy during his time in a refugee camp in Thailand after he and his family escaped from Cambodia during the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge. It was at this camp where as a young child he would make clay objects, plastic shadow puppets and other pieces of art as an escape from his surroundings.

Now he’s banking on the power of art to help other minority artists launch careers — or even just feel the joy of sharing their work — from a simple second floor hallway inside a worn building in Long Beach’s Cambodia Town.

In full: https://www.ocregister.com/2019/01/26/why-the-next-big-artist-could-be-discovered-in-a-cambodia-town-hallway/

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