Why South Cambodia’s Lush Private Islands and Luxurious Jungle Camps Should Be A Part Of Your Angkor Wat Trip

As an optimistic young generation strives to move on from decades of genocide and civil war, a new swath of this this bewitching Southeast Asian kingdom is opening up. Charles Graeber, who first traveled to Cambodia in the 1990s, discovers a new side of the south.

This, believe it or not, was the job: to check out intriguing new luxury hotels in a country I had not been back to in some 15 years. The country was Cambodia, and the only catch was — well, there wasn’t a catch.

I first went to Cambodia in 1996, at the invitation of an old friend and fellow journalist. He was writing for a newspaper named the Cambodia Daily. He insisted I come see this place. I did. My two-week visit stretched into a life-altering year, then longer.

In full: https://www.travelandleisure.com/cambodia-luxury-hotels-shinta-mani-wild-six-senses-krabey

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