Why a dog meat seller switched to serving vegan menu, and Cambodia’s fight to curb slaughter of dogs for food

Eating dog meat is popular in Buddhist Cambodia, but animal rights activists are trying to change this. One couple was persuaded to drastically change their business.

Chom Mong breaks into a smile as he picks up his four-month-old brown and white puppy, Gigi. He gives her a gentle cuddle as she licks his face affectionately. It’s hard to believe that, until earlier this year, Chom Mong ran a dog meat restaurant in the Cambodian capital.

In 2015, desperate to make money to support their two young children, who live with their grandparents in the southwestern province of Prey Veng, the 38-year-old and his wife opened a dog meat restaurant in the Pochentong area of Phnom Penh, close to the airport.

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