When Flowers Fall on the Rain: Plucking Out Landmines With Music

Second-year releases album with father and friend to support de-mining efforts in Cambodia.

Courtesy of Eric Walter

Could the plucking of guitar strings also pluck landmines out of the earth? With When Flowers Fall on the Rain, the answer is yes. Having just been put on pre-order, the album was recorded by the Chime of Heart Trio, which comprises second-year Jacob Walter, his father Eric Walter, and family friend and close collaborator Steve Cleveland. Combining traditional Cambodian instruments with synth and electric guitar, the record is a conflicted narrative torn between the overwhelming beauty of the natural landscape and the violent deceit of landmines.

In full: https://www.chicagomaroon.com/article/2019/4/25/flowers-fall-rain-plucking-landmines-music/

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