Voluntourism, as for example in Cambodia: but are you really, honestly helping?

What is voluntourism? A trip abroad that entails community service work as well as a way to give back to communities around the world. Sounds good, but many people neglect to research the organizations they have decided to help. And this can be a serious problem.

As with any trip, planning is essential. Although Yelp reviews give helpful advice about restaurants or hotels, it is less helpful with tourism. For example, the economy in Cambodia relies heavily on tourism. The country is chockablock with historic masterpieces and rich culture. Unfortunately, when an economy developing as rapidly as Cambodia’s relies too heavily on tourism and volunteers, the locals may suffer.

When I went to Cambodia a few years ago, I did a sizeable amount of research about the group I wanted to volunteer and travel with. I specifically chose to work with an NGO because I knew exactly how my efforts would benefit the community. When the group went to Angor Wat, we were explicitly told not to give the children selling items any money. At first, I was confused, but our leader explained that when the children successfully make money off of tourists, their parents normally take them out of school for more profit.

In full: https://asiamedia.lmu.edu/2019/09/27/voluntourism-as-for-example-in-cambodia-but-are-you-really-honestly-helping/

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