Going Deeper in Cambodia

Hospitality maverick and 700,000 Heures' founder Thierry Teyssier envisions a new way to experience Siem Reap—Angkor Wat's gateway city—along with a circuit combining Tonlé Sap and Battambang.

“Imogene, you are alone in a 13th-century temple…Imogene, a beautiful daybed with crisp linens and a masseuse waiting for you.” It takes me an embarrassingly long minute to realize the Frenchman is telling me to imagine my surroundings, but only seconds to grasp that it’s his favorite way to start a sentence.

It’s late August and I’m in steamy Siem Reap—the bustling, riverside, springboard city for exploring Cambodia’s Angkor temples—with my husband, Alex, and our two children. We’re with hotelier Thierry Teyssier as his guinea pig guests at what will be the second stop for his new nomadic hotel concept, 700,000 Heures. (The inaugural location for the endeavor, named for the number of hours in an average life, was Salento, Italy, in September; Lençóis, Brazil, is on deck for next June.)

In full: https://www.cntraveler.com/story/going-deeper-in-cambodia

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