Beng Mealea Temple in Cambodia – Finding Angkor’s Jungle Labyrinth

It took me over six hours to cycle from Siem Reap to the jungle encased Beng Mealea temple in Cambodia on a journey that would normally take an hour by public transport. Biking through the flat plains of the Cambodian countryside on dusty ochre turf and avoiding the main, paved highway routes. If you are looking for a Beng Mealea tour with an explorative angle – this is it.

From simple countryside outings and the Angkor temple tours that last days and which get you out of the city, Grasshopper Adventures have bike tours for all endurance and curiosity levels. And so I booked the one which looked the most challenging and which would take me on a 75km ride starting from the centre of Siem Reap.

In full:

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