TLC director leads preparations for first-ever Miss Cambodia Wichita pageant

With earphones in, Richy Thach enters room 258 of the Rhatigan Student Center singing audibly. Once inside, the director of the Miss Cambodia Wichita 2020 pageant exchanges greetings with other TLC members as they start to trickle in.

TLC stands for Thai, Laos, and Cambodian. It’s an association on campus that is open to community members. 

While waiting, Thach opens Youtube and starts playing “Army of Two” from Netflix’s anime adaptation, “Carole and Tuesday.” The melody soon fills in the gaps of silence. As the song continues, another male member of the organization begins to sing along, leading a female member to ask what the show is about. Thach interjects and enthusiastically starts giving her a synopsis of the show.

In full:

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